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What are we offering you? 
- Increased revenue - We have the key 
- Greater visibility – Go further 
- Personalised advice – We accompany you 

How do we do this? 
We come alongside you. 
We offer you the experience of a team of professionals from this region. 

Sign up for free. 
Register with our site without paying any fixed, monthly or yearly fees. 

We don’t require exclusivity. 
You are free to be on the sites of your choice and on the platforms you think are most suitable. 

We don’t require permanency. 
When you register with MH, you are not signing a permanent contract. You are free to unsubscribe if you want to. 

You have the last word. 
We won’t make offers or undertake other actions without your consent. We understand that it’s your house. 

“In More Holiday they are very professional and competent. Their strength is in marketing and communication. They give visibility to our holiday home in a way we cannot do ourselves.” 
Jaume Fuster. Can Ginesta. Sant Feliu de Boada 

“They provide a personalised service, respecting the unique character of each house.”
Mònica Lloveras. Mas Vilà. Monells. 

“They work together with the owners, helping them to offer the best service possible.” 
Dolors Rovirola. Mas Ros. Olives 

Would you like to become part of the MH community? 
In More Holiday our focus is centred 100% on the owners of rural houses. We want you to be the key feature of our site! 

We offer you free of charge 

A review of the seasonal pricing strategy 
A professional photo shoot 
Content creation and registering with high-performance booking channels 
Free access to the More Holiday site 

Fill out the form and we’ll get in touch with you and proceed with free registration with our platform

Increased revenue 
• Boosting the quality bookings of your holiday home 
• Increasing the average spending of clients 
• Optimising operating costs 

Greater visibility 
• Being present on the major booking platforms 
• Creating value-added content about your holiday home for the on-line platforms and for the More Holiday blog 
• Promoting your holiday home in on-line marketing campaigns. 

Personalised advice 
• We optimise your business model 
• We create unique experiences 
• We give you a global view of the market trends